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Discussion Questions for Time of Your Life Part 6


  1. Read Psalm 90:12  How is God teaching to number your days?

  2. What have you learn from this series?​

  3. ”Are we there yet?" - when was the longest  trip that you ever took when you either heard that or said that?

  4. Read Genesis 12:1-3   How hard do you think it would be for Abraham to leave everything? Explain

  5. When has been the most uncertain time in you life?  What helped you get through it?

  6. How does it feel knowing that all of God's promises for you may not come to be in this life here on earth? Explain

  7. Read Galatians 3:7-9  What stands out to you in the passage? Why?

  8. How does it make you feel to know that are part of a promise that you are a child of Abraham?

  9. Jon said, "Don't focus so much on heaven that you forget that Jesus is right here in the journey?"  Is this important?  Why or why not?

  10. Faith takes risks. What is a risk that you took because of your faith in God? Why did you take it?

  11. Is there a risk that God is leading you to take? How can we help you take it?



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