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Group Meeting


Find community in groups

At One Life, our goal is to engage people through small groups, allowing us to share life together.  Groups of 8-12 people meet, in Cass, Sarpy and Douglas Counties, in homes and in the community, to dive deeper into loving God, loving others, and making a difference.  We were never meant to do life alone.  Relationships are vital. Learning how to live in a loving relationship with others is important.  Our groups are designed to build relationships that are authentic, safe, fun, and loving.  Each group is an extension of the church. 

Each week questions are provided to the groups and posted online that pertain to the latest sermon.  The questions are designed to invoke discussion regarding the sermon and to help us apply the principles to our lives. They also help us answer these questions:  How does this help/inspire me to love God?  What does this say about loving others?How can I use this to make a difference with one more person in my life?

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