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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Me and MY Big Mouth Week 4

  1. How far back can you name the people in your family line? (Your name . . . daughter of . . . daughter of . . . daughter of . . . daughter of . . .). Who in your list made a decision for better or for worse that has affected you?

  2. Joseph’s life was filled with reasons for him to be bitter, angry, and eventually prideful when he was elevated to power in Egypt. But he maintained faith that God was with him. That perspective guided his responses in all of his circumstances.

    Read these excerpts from Joseph’s life.
    After each excerpt, stop to discuss how you respond when you’re . . .
    Abandoned (Read Genesis 37:17–24)
    Accused (Read Genesis 39:16–21)
    Forgotten (Read Genesis 40:20–23)
    Challenged (Read Genesis 41:14–16)
    Empowered (Read Genesis 41:46–57)

  3. Choose a word above or one of your own that describes your life experience. Discuss how that circumstance affects your response to others today. (An abandoned son may become an angry father. A talented employee may become a demanding boss.)

  4. When we’re responding to our circumstances, our words can either be stones we throw or they can pave the way forward. Discuss examples of times when you’ve done both. What were the outcomes?

  5. Read Genesis 50:15–21. How can Joseph’s response to his brothers affect how you make choices with your words in the future? What legacy do you hope to leave with the people you care most about? 

Bad things have been happening to good people for a long time. And God has been with good people in bad times for a long time as well. We will never experience the good that comes from the bad unless we recognize that God was with us in the bad and then refuse to play God when things are good. 

This week, take some time to read about Joseph’s life in Genesis 39–50. Reflect on the choices he made to trust God, avoid bitterness, and forgive despite overwhelming odds. What can you learn from him now that may affect the people you care about later? 


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