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Discussion Questions for Week 4

  1. Who is someone that is mentoring you? What do you think that would look like?

  2. Has someone ever mentored you in any way?

  3. Who is someone that you can be mentoring? 

  4. Elijah hands over his position and authority over to Elisha, when is a time that someone has delegated to you?

  5. Throughout their short time together, there are so many times that Elijah empowers Elisha for one purpose so that the ministry of prophet continues on after Elijah leaves. How can you invest in someone younger than you to spreading the gospel of Jesus?

  6. How can you ensure that the ministry of the gospel continues after you leave?

  7. Go to this link: It’s a video, and it could be really impactful for your small group. It will be on google drive but it won’t require a sign-in, just an internet connection.

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