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Sermon Series Dead or Alive Week 3 Discussion Questions​

  1. Read John 20:1-18

  2. What stands out to you most in this passage?

  3. What seems the most confusing?

  4. If you’ve been a Christian for a while, why is it important to revisit this story?

  5. When we read this story, we can leave it in the Bible as simply a story to enjoy and believe, or we can try to take this story and apply it to  our own lives to become better people and better Christ followers, what do you think you can take from this passage of the Bible and apply to your own life?

  6. One of the shortest sentences in this passage is in verse 8 “He saw and believed.” This is said after John sees that the body of Jesus is gone, and most likely not stolen due to the cloth lying in its own place. So often Christians think that we must put so much emphasis on believing in God without seeing him. What is one time that God has done something in your life that reassured your belief in him? This can be something like a child that wasn’t supposed to happen, a family member who was healed from a disease or cancer, surviving a car crash, or even someone close to you coming to know Christ. Take some time to share with the group some of these moments.

  7. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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