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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series You're Not The Boss Of Me - Week 4

  1. What’s something other drivers do on the road that makes you angry?

  2. Describe your relationship with anger. Do you tend to shout out or shut down?

  3. What and/or who currently triggers the strongest feelings of anger in you? Explain.

  4. Read James 3:13–16 and 4:1–2.

    • What stands out to you?

    • Where does James say our anger comes from?

    • What does James say is the potential consequence of our anger if we don’t acknowledge the root cause?

  5. How might your relationships be impacted if, in the midst of your anger, you acknowledge that part of the problem is you’re not getting what you want?

  6. What practical step can you take the next time you feel anger bubble up inside of you?



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