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Small Group Questions for Sermon Worship


  1. What do you love about worship?

  2. What questions do you have about worship? Does anything not make sense to you?

  3. Why do you think worship is so important? 

  4. Read 2 Samuel 6:14. Is there anything that holds you back from worshiping with everything you’ve got?

  5. Have you ever felt stirred by the presence of God? What was that like?

  6. How have you developed your understanding of worship? What has shaped your perspective?

  7. How can you worship God throughout your week?

  8. We worship with awe, abandon, and intimacy. What can you do to push past your comfort zone in these areas?

  9. Make a plan for incorporating worship into your life. What about your commute? Family time? Your spending? How can you incorporate worship?


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