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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Parable - Week 3

1. How has someone gone out of their way to help you?


2. Read Luke 10:15-37  Why do you think the expert in the law asked Jesus this question?


3. What do you think of Jesus’ answer?


4. What is your definition of neighbor?


5. Why do you think that a priest or a Levite would fail to show compassion to the injured man?  Explain.


6. What are some of the fears that we have when it comes to helping someone else?


7. The Samaritan not only helped the man, but made sure man was taken care of for days to come.  Do you know someone who is like that?  Tell us about them.


8. From this story, what does not constitute a good neighbor? From this story, what does a good neighbor look like?


9. What do you need to change in order to be a good neighbor?


How can we pray for you?

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