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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Parable - Week 2

1. Read Matthew 13:1-9 What stands out to you in these first 9 verses?


2.  Why do you think Jesus spoke in parables?


3.  What types of ground have you experienced in your life?


4.  Read Matthew 13:10-17. Do you think that Jesus was trying to confuse people? Why or Why Not


5.  Why do you think Jesus was so quick to illicit a response from people?


6.  What did you go through when you decided to make a decision to follow Jesus?


7.  Have you ever seen someone harden their heart, and not listen because they didn’t want to believe?  Explain 


8.  How important is it to cultivate our hearts?  How do we do that?


9.  Is there someone in your life who you are praying for whose heart is not with God?  Explain


How can we pray for you and your One Life?

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