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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Missing Peace Week 3

  1. Is waiting in line no big deal, a minor annoyance, or majorly irritating to you? Why? 

  2. What was the best Christmas gift you received as a kid?

  3. What is the most difficult part about waiting?

  4. Has there ever been a time when you wondered whether God was actually at work in a season of waiting, only to find out later that He was? What happened? 

  5. It’s important not to waste our waiting. What do you think that looks like, practically? 

  6. Share something you’ve been waiting on, and spend time encouraging one another.

  7. What are some ways you can lean on God and trust what He’s doing in the middle of your waiting?

  8. Spend time this week thanking God for the work He’s doing in your life.


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