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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Happy Trails - Week 9

1. The Israelites sang songs on the way to Jerusalem to prepare themselves for the celebrations. Do you think it’s important for us as Christians to prepare ourselves for worship? Explain.

2. Read Psalm 13. What is your definition of true unity?

Have you ever dealt with a troublemaker that wants to do nothing but cause problems? How did you handle it?

3. When’s God’s people are unified, what does that feel like? What are we able to accomplish?

Read first Corinthians 1:10 - 12

4. Jon said Sunday,” Christians should be the most unified people on the planet and that should be attractive to those looking from the outside.” Do you agree or disagree?  Please explain.


5.  What do you think it means to be of the same mind and seem judgmental?

How important is it for people to feel welcome and like they’re a part of our church from the moment they walk in the doors? Why is it so important?

6. What can we do as individuals to help people feel welcome?

7. Read John 17:20-23. What are some things that we need to do in order to create more unity within the church?

Pray for our church and it’s welcoming spirit.

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