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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Happy Trails - Week 3

1.  What song reminds you of a loved one you have lost? Explain

2.  Read Psalm 22:1-7. Do you think Jesus quoted this Psalm knowing it was about him? Explain

3.  Why do you think Jesus felt so separated from God?

4.  Do you believe that we have ever felt true "separation from God?"

5.  Do you think that the phrase, " I am a worm, not a man," refers to David or Jesus or Both? Explain

6.  Read Psalm 22:14-17. What are some ways this passage relates to Jesus being crucified?

7.  What do you think was the worst thing that Jesus experienced while on the cross?

8.  Read Psalm 22:18 & John 19:23-24. What stands out to you in these passages? Why?

9.  What do you think the probability that one man and in one event in history could fulfill all that Psalm 22 says? Explain

10. Read Psalm 22:30-31. How does it make you feel knowing that you are a part of this prophecy?


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