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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Happy Trails - Week 1 

1.  What is your favorite genre of music? Is there a song or genre of music that takes you to a certain place and time? Explain

2. Do you have a playlist? What songs does your favorite playlist include?

3. READ PSALM 1. Why do you think this Psalm is like an intro or preface to the Psalms?

4. The songwriter uses the analogy walk/stand/sit. Why do you think they use this analogy?

5. What does it mean to seat in the seat of mockers? Have you ever been guilty of this?

6. When we are with people and things start to go south, what can you do to stay clear of it?

7. What does it mean to delight in the law of the Lord?

8. Where is the place that you can find solace and can draw close to God?  What are the ways that you grow closer to God?

9. What are some things that we can learn from the Psalms? What are some things that you feel you should include in order to make a plan to grow closer to God?

How can we pray for you?

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