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Small Group Questions for Guest Speaker Series Week 2 - Jim Hardy

1.  What is your earliest memory of praying on your own? What did you pray for? Where did you pray and with whom did you pray?


2.  What is something you have prayed for the most (Examples: praying for cancer to go away, prayer for a loved one, prayer for help getting out of a long-term difficulty)


3.  What does your prayer life look like? Does your prayer life look more like "microwave" prayers or "crockpot" prayers? Are your prayers more opportunistic or planned and intentional?


4.  What would you like your prayer life to look like (if there is a difference)? Discuss the potential spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical benefits of prayer. 


5.  Jim's sermon and the Bible discuss the idea of praying before and during times of change, difficulty, and challenge. How often is prayer your "go-to" action before any of those things? Do you think prayer makes a difference? If so, how so? If not, why not?


6. Jim discussed the importance of prayer in the church. "...but the church was earnestly praying to God..." (Acts 12:5) Do you think your church is praying well? Why or Why not? What could you do to promote prayer in your church?


7.  What are some of the things One Life Church can be praying for? (Ex. Praying for Jon's Sabbatical? Praying for those in Plattsmouth that don't know Jesus?)


Take some time to pray for the topics that are mentioned. Consider making those topics a part of your weekly/daily prayers.

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