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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Faith Full Week 1 - Unshakable


We’ve all heard stories of people—or we know people—who have what appears to be unshakable faith.

They have a confidence in God that informs what they do. Where does faith like that come from?


1. Before today’s message, based on your experience as a Jesus follower or with Christians, what would

you have guessed most amazed Jesus?

2. What would you do if you were confident God was with you?

3. Who is the most amazing Christian you know personally and why?

4. Read Matthew 8:5–13. What stands out to you? In verse 10, what was it about the centurion that caused Jesus to say what he did?

5. What (or who) has contributed most to your personal faith in God? What has made it difficult to maintain faith?



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