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Small Group Questions for Circle The Wagons Week 4

1. When is a time that you received some really good news?  What was the news and who did you tell?


2. Read John 1:35-42 What does it mean to you that Jesus is the lamb of God?

3. What do you think it means to truly follow Jesus?

4. What are some fears about  sharing our story about Jesus with others? 

5. Is there someone you know who you would love to become a Christ follower? Who is it and how do you know them?

6. Jesus said to John’s followers,”Come and see.”  How can we help others come and see Jesus?

7. Did someone introduce you to Christ?  If so, who was it and how did they do that?

8. Read John 1:43-50 Jesus sought out Phillip.  How did God pursue you before you came to believe in Him?

9. When Phillip figured out who Jesus was he immediately went and found his friend, Nathaniel.  Nathaniel was skeptical at first.  Were you skeptical at first when you started to learn about Jesus?  Why or why not?

10. What are some ways we can invite others to, “Come and see,”  and start to experience and discover who Jesus is?


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