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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series What Would Jesus Undo -

Week 4 Spiritual Pride 


  1. What life accomplishments, relationships, and things are you most proud of?

  2. What is your external response when someone gives you a compliment? What happens internally?

  3. How would you define the term “spiritual pride”?

  4. Read Luke 18:9-12. What’s wrong with the Pharisee’s logic? Do you ever do this?

  5. Talk about a time when you were a little too confident and were humbled by a situation. 

  6. How do you, personally, struggle with pride?

  7. How do you see God peeling back pride in your life?

    This week:

    Make a simple list of everything great in your life. Then, write next to each item how God made it possible.

    Ask someone you trust to be honest with you about any places they see pride in you. 


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