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Discussion  Questions for Sermon Series 90 Ninety - March 29, 2020 

The words “unlimited” and “unconditional” make us suspicious. Whether those words describe an insurance policy, cellphone agreement, or meal plan for a college student, we assume unlimited is really limited and unconditional has some conditions. That suspicion extends to our relationship with God. Unconditional love? Unlimited forgiveness? There must be a catch. But what if there isn’t? 

  1. Have you ever been told an agreement, contract, or even a relationship was unconditional or unlimited only to discover there was a catch? What happened? 

  2. Have you ever experienced unconditional love? If not, do you think unconditional love is possible? Why or why not? 

  3. What are some things that have influenced your assumptions about the terms and conditions of having a relationship with God? (Note: A bilateral parity treaty is an agreement between equals; a bilateral suzerainty treaty is a king dictating terms and conditions; a promissory covenant is a unilateral, unconditional promise by God for your benefit.) 

  4. During the message, Jon said the Pharisees feared what Jesus might take away if he became king. What are some things you worry he might take away if you allowed him to be king in your life? 

  5. Read Luke 22:19–20. It must have been very difficult for the disciples to understand that Jesus was replacing a system that had defined their entire relationship with God. Is it hard for you to believe Jesus did everything that was required for you to have a relationship with God? In which areas of your life do you still try to earn God’s love? 

  6. What is one thing you can do this week to more fully embrace your heavenly Father’s unconditional love and unlimited forgiveness? How can this group support and encourage you?


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