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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Who Needs God Week 2

The Christmas story began in Genesis with God’s promise that through one man the entire world would be blessed. Apparently, the world needed blessing, but it wasn’t only the world that needed Christmas. God needed it too.


  1. Talk about a time you had trouble convincing someone else of something you knew to be true. What did you say?

  2. Read Galatians 4:4–7. In what ways does our culture tempt us to behave like slaves even though we’re God’s children?

  3. During the message, Jon said, “The events of Christmas would be unbelievable if they story wasn’t so remarkable.” Do you find the Christmas story unbelievable or remarkable? What are some of the things that have shaped your view of Christmas?

  4. Read Romans 5:6–8. What are some truths about God that you wouldn’t know if Jesus hadn’t demonstrated them?

  5. During the message, Jon said, “Jesus’ death demonstrated the magnitude of our ingratitude and the magnitude of his love for us.” Is it difficult for you to believe God loves you that much? Why or why not?

  6. What can you do this Christmas season to show gratitude for God’s choice to demonstrate his love for you? How can this group help you?

The world needed Christmas. So God staged a demonstration and documented it so the world would know. He did it because we needed to see it to believe it. God had to be with us so we could know he was for us.


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