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Discussion Question for Sermon Series Welcome to Wonderland Week 1

We wonder because our frames of reference don’t provide us with all of the answers. As your frame of reference changes or expands, some mysteries are solved. Some remain mysterious. So what do you do with the big mysteries in life—the mysteries that won’t resolve no matter how much you explore them? What do you do with your unanswered questions? 

  1. What do you wonder?

  2. What is something you use to wonder about but don’t anymore? In what way did your frame of reference change to resolve what once seemed mysterious?

  3. Talk about a time when you met someone who was convinced their frame of reference for making sense of the world was correct, but you didn’t agree. How did you respond to that person? To what extent did that interaction cause you to re-examine your own assumptions?

  4. What kind of framework for making sense of the world did you grow-up with—religious, academic, scientific, moralistic, or something else? How did that framework shape your view the world?

  5. Was there ever a time in your life when your faith was fixed on a pastor, church, experience, circumstance, or the Bible? If so, what happened?

  6. Read Hebrews 12:1–3. Do you need to examine your current frame of reference? What is one thing you can do this week to “fix your eyes on Jesus”? How can this group support you?

When it comes to faith, if you wondered and then wandered, here’s something to ponder: perhaps your eyes were fixed on the wrong thing or person. What was the faith you lost fixed on and fastened to? Chances are it wasn’t Jesus.

Remember: God showed up on our side of the frame to serve as your frame of reference.


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