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Read Ecclesiastes 1:1-9


Why do you thing Solomon concludes that everything is meaningless?


Do you think it was more of Solomon’s wisdom or life experience that made him realize this?  Why?


Do you believe that Solomon’s take on the world is a little depressing?  Why or Why not?


Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-14


How is this chapter different from the picture Solomon painted in Chaper 1?  Why the Contrast?


When did you realize that God had set eternity in your heart?


What are some things that you feel like God has made beautiful?


Why do you think Solomons uses the phrase,”under the son” so many times in this book?


What do you think is necessary in one’s life to look beyond the sun?




Read Ecclesiastes 12:13-14


What do you think it looks like to “fear God?”


Do you think that fearing God keeping God’s commandments is really the duty of every human being?  Why?


How can we encourage each other to live our lives in this way?




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