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Discussion Questions for Sermon American in the Mirror 

Only one person can ensure that we end up somewhere on purpose. And that person isn’t in the House of Representatives or the White House. They’re in our house. In fact, we look at that person in the mirror every morning. The reality is that we face our greatest leadership challenge every morning when face ourselves.


1. We can all be suckers. What have you bought or signed up for that you wish you hadn’t?

2. We can all agree that we’ll never be leaders worth following if we don’t lead ourselves well. But how? Here are three decisions that can help:
Decision #1: I will not lie to myself even when the truth makes me feel bad about myself.

• Is there something about yourself that you’re currently trying to ignore? What are the pros and cons of telling yourself the unfiltered truth?

• You can’t lead yourself as long as you’re lying to yourself. Who can help you better see your blind spots and be honest about them?

Decision #2: I will prioritize what I value most over what I want now.

• Defining success with a “not” will not set you up well. What are some “not” goals you currently have? (Example: “I will not be an angry leader like my boss” or “I will not prioritize work over family.”)

• Now think about your actual values and how you prioritize them.

At work I value ______________________ so I prioritize ________________________.
Financially I value ____________________ so I prioritize ________________________.
At home I value ______________________ so I prioritize ________________________.

Decision #3: I will not attempt to lead myself by myself.

• Our friends determine the direction and quality of our lives.
Do your friends make you a better person? How?

• Who in your life has permission to ask you hard and uncomfortable questions?
How receptive are you to their feedback?

3. Which of the three decisions will be hardest for you to embrace right now? Why?

4. Read John 13:34–35. How might our country be affected if we prioritized people like Jesus did? What would it look like for you to value most what he valued most?

Our nation will never be greater than the American in the Mirror, and great leaders last because they lead themselves first. We can avoid undermining our own success and start leading ourselves well if we’re willing to take a hard look at ourselves first.


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