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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Talking Points Week 1


Your favorite candidate will win or lose based on how our country votes this November. However, the
church will win or lose based on our behavior between now and then.

  1. On a scale from 1 to 10, how interested are you in politics?

  2. What do you look forward to most—and dread most—about presidential election years?

  3. Outside of your workplace, think of the people you interact with most. What percentage of those people think pretty much the same way as you politically?

  4. In all honesty, which of these describes you best? Why do you say that?
    • I evaluate my politics through the filter of my faith.
    • I create a version of faith that supports my politics.

  5. Read John 17:20–23, where Jesus offers a prayer for future believers.
    • What stands out to you?

    • In verse 23, Jesus prays for unity. How would you define “unity”?
    • According to Jesus’s prayer, why is unity so important?

  6. When it comes to politics and moving toward unity, what’s a next step for you?


While we will not agree on every political talking point, we must not let politics divide us.


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