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Discussion Questions Week 1

  1. What are some new year resolutions that you have made this year?

  2. Are you someone that can hold to your new year resolutions?

  3. If there was one new year's resolution that you knew would come to total fulfillment, what would it be? If you knew that you actually would work out 3-4 times a week, if you actually knew that you would meet a spouse this year, or if you knew that you would actually lose 30 pounds this year, etc.

  4. What typically holds you back from fulfilling these new years resolutions?

  5. Is it because all of us want to only do them once and reap the benefits? Go to the gym one time and lose 3 inches off our waist?

  6. Do you pray this way too?

  7. Can you commit to following along with the Red Letters Bible reading plan? Reading only three chapters of the Bible each day for the next 30 days?

  8. How can our group help you fulfill this commitment and hold you to it?

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