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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Parable - Week 1

1.  What is one of the most inspiring stories to you?  Why?


2.  What are your favorite kinds of stories? Why?


3.  Why do you think Jesus taught in parables or stories?


4.  Read Mark 12: 1-12.  When was a time when God really proved for you in a way that you needed?


5.  Have you ever seen someone turn their back on someone who has given them so much?  How did it turn out?


6.  What is the most extreme amount of patience you have ever  shown to someone?  Explain


7.  Who has shown the greatest amount of patience to you?  Explain


8.  Jesus in this parable is the son whose life is taken away.  How does it make you feel knowing that Jesus is the one who is going to die?  


9. Read Psalm 118:22-24.  How do you think Jesus resembles the traits of a cornerstone or capstone?


10.  Have you ever seen someone reject Jesus?  Why did they reject Him?


11.  What are some things that we can learn from this parable?



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