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1. Read Luke 15. This is a long passage, so feel free to break it up into smaller chunks.

2. What do all three stories have in common?

3. What sacrifices are made to go after 'the one' in each story?

4. Why do you think the individuals go after 'the one' despite the sacrifice?

5. What elements are hard to accept about these stories? What elements are encouraging?

6. In small ways or big ways, how has God or another person show you that your life matters?

7. How have you responded, or seen other people respond, to Jesus giving His one life? What does it mean to give your one life back to Him?

8. Do you have an individual in your life that you would consider your 'one life'? Share a little bit about them, but be respectful of their story - they could be in our church or group some day!

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