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Small Group Questions

  1. Read John 6:1-15

  2. Read Matthew 14:13-21

  3. In Matthew, Philip is never mentioned, how does this draw your attention back to John 6:6?

  4. Do you believe that Jesus already has plans for you and your life? Why or why not?

  5. Do you think that Jesus was intentionally set up this miracle? (Bringing the people out to an area where they couldn’t supply food, having such a large crowd, etc.)

  6. These conditions seemed dire and that Jesus may not have actually wanted them to be there. Instead, he wanted to provide this miracle and provide for them. In your life, does it ever feel like God is leading you into the desert or that he is bringing you to some terrible place in life? Has he ever provided for you in those times? Tell the group about it. 

  7. Jesus served, to provide for a need, is this inspiring to you?

  8. What are some needs that people around you have that you know of?

  9. How can you meet some of those needs this week?

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