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Small Group Questions

  1. Read Ephesians 4:14

  2. Read Isaiah 57:20

  3. Read Jude 13

  4. Why do you think a comparison between evil people and waves in an ocean are so common?

  5. What are some examples you can think of that you can relate to this idea of waves in an ocean? (i.e. the tendency for you boss to praise something one moment, and then not like it the next, the tendency for the news to report one angle of something and then report another angle in a little while, etc.)

  6. Read John 15:5

  7. What does abiding or remaining in Jesus look like to you? What does it look like for others?

  8. Read Matthew 7:24

  9. Do you think there is a correlation of between the imagery of relying on Jesus being solid? 

  10. How can you rely more on Christ this week in your life?

  11. How can your small group help you with this action point?

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