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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Living a Questionable Life Week 4


1.  Read Daniel 2, verses 25–28.  How does it feel knowing that God can reveal all mysteries?

2.  Has God ever revealed a mystery that was puzzling you?  Explain

3.  Read Daniel 3:13-23.  Have you ever had to choose between compromise and conviction?  Explain

4.  What is the biggest difficulty you have been face with lately?

5.  What have you done to help see that difficulty through?

6.  When was a time that you had to stand up for your faith?

7.  Read Daniel 6:19-23.  Who has God sent into your life to save you when you needed it?

8.  Have you ever sensed an angel was protecting you? Explain

9.  How can we help you stay faithful in tough times?


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