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Beginning this Sunday, March 22, at One Life our Sunday gatherings will be made available online.  This change will take place until we can resume our weekly gatherings at the Plattsmouth High School.

We will continue to worship together, and we will continue to exist as One Life Church.  The church is not a building or a location.  We don't pack up God in the trailer and bring Him back the next Sunday.  The church is a group of people who have committed their lives to loving God and loving others.  God's house is the heart and soul of His people.

Since our services are going online over the upcoming weeks,  you will need to take a few steps to give your family opportunities to grow and worship.

Our services will be live-streamed starting this Sunday at 10 AM.  The service will also be uploaded to our website and Vimeo, and it can be accessed any time after Sunday Morning.  We will be streaming Sunday Morning through Facebook live.  We will be using the church's Facebook account

Our Worship Service will be prerecorded and streamed live.  This will allow all of us to log in,  participate and experience the service together.  

Worship: We will have a time of worship and we encourage you to worship and sing as a family.  

Sermon:  We will continue our series called 90, leading up to Easter Sunday.  We will continue to talk about the life of Jesus. 

Communion:  We will have a time of communion and prayer and you will have an opportunity to partake in communion at home.  You can determine what you have available to use for communion as a family.  It can be a piece of cracker and some juice.  My family has traveled on Sundays on different occasions.  I have always made an effort to read, pray and take communion together.  We have pulled off the highway in an area overlooking a valley and taken communion. We even used a piece of pop-tart and grape pop, because It was all that we had access to at a local convenience store.  Taking communion together as a family is one of the greatest memories that I have.  Make it memorable.

Offering:  We have always provided multiple opportunities and ways for you to give.  We have also added a new way that you can give.

          1. You can give ONLINE at the One Life Giving Page.  Click here.                
          2.  You can give through writing a  CHECK or your bank's online bill pay.  Just make checks payable to                One Life Church, and mail to One Life Church, PO Box 417, Plattsmouth, NE 68048.  
          3.  We also have set up a new way for you to give.  You can now TEXT "give" to (402) 235-9333, and                then follow the instructions.

Sunday School lessons, handouts, and the weekly lesson video will all be made available to parents.  It is our mission to continue to partner with you in teaching your kids about Jesus.

Jr. & Sr. Students will be able to access a devotion every week and some study questions.  Julia will be posting these.   She will also be connecting with students through social media and FaceTime live.

If you need any help or have questions, 


 Using our one life to Love God and Love Others

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