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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Letters to the Church Part 9  - Church Again


God’s Church started as a radical, spiritually intimate gathering of believers that ultimately changed history. Yet millions today are content to be mere observers at church.  But God is waking up His people—people who will risk anything and sacrifice everything to be the dynamic, world-changing Church of the Bible. In this series we are going to be asking, “What does God want for His Church?”


  1. As we finish this series, what do you think God is asking you to do in light of all that we have learned?  Think no about structural changes, but changes from the heart discipleship, mission, caring for others, repentance…  How can you go about making changes to proceed?

  2. What has been your experience with small groups in the past or being in a small group now?  How are small groups helpful in ways that large gatherings are not? How are large gatherings helpful where small groups are not?

  3. Often if a small group of believers are meeting in a home, people wouldn’t consider it a church.  Why is that? What would you say if someone said it was a church? Why or why not is that your belief?

  4. What is necessary for a group of believers to be a church? 

  5. What would be lost by not having a large gathering with the sermon, announcements, worship band, etc.?  Do you think it would be worth it if all that money could be used for other things?

  6. What benefits would there be to not needing money to run a church?  What would be the drawbacks?

  7. Francis Chan’s church multiplies when they reach about 15-20 people.  How do you feel about that? There are no right answers! How would this impact the city and neighborhoods?


Pray for One Life and our church family

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