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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Letters to the Church Part 4 - The Gang


God’s Church started as a radical, spiritually intimate gathering of believers that ultimately changed history. Yet millions today are content to be mere observers at church.  But God is waking up His people—people who will risk anything and sacrifice everything to be the dynamic, world-changing Church of the Bible. In this series we are going to be asking, “What does God want for His Church?”


  1. Jesus felt more committed and connected to believers than to his biological family.  Read Matthew 12:46-50. Have you ever felt the Church to be closer than your biological family?  If so, how did that feel?

  2. Read John 1334-35.  What is supposed to set us apart as disciples of Jesus Christ?  Do you know any churches that are famous for the way the members love one another?  What are some other reasons churches are famous?

  3. If love for one another is one of the primary determinations of a healthy church, how does your church measure up?  Does your love for one another continuously increase?

  4. We are commanded to love one another over 50 times in the New Testament.  Look up 3-5 of these verses and read them outloud. If people don’t make their love increase and overflow for the believers in their church, do you think that is a sin?

  5. What reasons do people use, even Christians, to excuse the fact that they are not showing love as much as they should?

  6. Deep relationships are not created during meetings or rushing while serving on Sunday mornings.  One thing we might need to repent of is being too busy with seemingly good things that are keeping us from more important things.

  7. What sort of changes are needed in your life to make room to allow for deeper relationships?  Will you make these changes? How are you going to not forget to make the changes.


Based on the book and study questions from Letters To The
Church by Francis Chan

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