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Discussion Questions for sermon series Letters to the Church Part 6 - Good Shepherds

God’s Church started as a radical, spiritually intimate gathering of believers that ultimately changed history. Yet millions today are content to be mere observers at church.  But God is waking up His people—people who will risk anything and sacrifice everything to be the dynamic, world-changing Church of the Bible. In this series we are going to be asking, “What does God want for His Church?”

We are all Good Shepherds, not just our paid Pastors in the church, but all of us.  As Jon told us, the bible tells us we are all priests.  

  1.  Read Exodus 19 5:-6  What does God tell us about being priests?

  2. One of the best determinants for whether people will be good shepherds/leaders is how faithful they are before God with little things.  Do they have gentleness and patience with their family members? Are they generous and hospitable? Do they give time to relationships and caring for people?  Are they humble? These are areas that are most important to God. How are you personally doing in these types of areas? What areas are most important to the world when it comes to leaders/pastors?

  3. Read 1 Timothy 3:1-7.  What do you notice about the requirements for the highest level of leadership in the church?  Do those requirements seem to be about character or ability? Do we typically view leadership as being about Godly character rather than ability? Why or why not?

  4. As we have learned we are all called to be priests/shepherds.  Older women are to shepherd the younger. We are all called to make disciples.  Parents are to shepherd their children. Do you have someone you are mentoring? If so who, and how are you mentoring them?  If not, why, and who could you mentor? How will you begin the process?

  5. Have you ever thought that someone should _____________in the church (fill in the blank with a task or responsibility you felt was not being covered in your church)?  What made you think that “someone” wasn’t you? What can you do to make this happen?


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