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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series He’s Still Got the Whole World in his Hands Week 1

As a society, we live in a world of uncertainty. Uncertain social conditions. Uncertain economic times. Uncertain global developments. Yet uncertainty is nothing new. The characters in the Bible experienced wildly fluctuating levels of uncertainty . . . often feeling as if life was moving backwards, getting worse. And the questions remain the same. Where’s God? Is he going to show up? Is he still in control? 


  1. What has been the brightest moment in your life? What has been the darkest moment in your life?

  2. Does God become bigger during brighter or darker moments in your life? How does your relationship with God change during certain/uncertain times?

  3. Read Mark 14:17-26. What were some of the different emotions that the disciples might have been experiencing while at dinner? How would you have responded to Jesus’ statements if you were present?

  4. What other passages from the Bible depict uncertain times for the characters involved? What does it mean to say that “God is active” or that “God is at work”?

  5. How can God still be active when there is no evidence of his activity?

  6. How does it help to know that God still has the whole world in his hands when you travel through a dark season of uncertainty?


Some of the brightest moments in our lives are the result of brokenness. When we can see that God is working through undesirable circumstances—even the ones we bring on ourselves—there is a sense of purpose and peace that emerges. Knowing that God is still active during uncertain times allows us to maintain hope and faith and keeps us from despair. We can rest knowing that God has not abandoned us and that he is still in control. 


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”
Romans 8:28 


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