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Discussion Question for Game Day


Greg Ellis said “Sometimes God allows us to be put in situations where only he can get credit for it."


Read Matthew 10:32-33


Why do you think it is so important to Jesus that we acknowledge God?


What do you think it means to acknowledge Jesus on a daily basis?


How is it possible to glorify God in all we do?


Read Mark 8:34-36

Shawn Johnson said “I felt like I failed the world.” Have you ever tried to please someone else?  


What are some ways that people get caught up in the world?


How easy is it to get into a situation where you feel obligated to please others? Why?


What are some ways that we can change our focus from pleasing others to pleasing God?


Quote from Mike Fisher, “Through a process of praying and getting in the word with my cousin my life was changed.  For the first time thinking my life was changed and thinking this is really real.”


What helps you in your relationship with Jesus?


What is a scripture that speaks to you?


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