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  1. Discussion Questions for Sermon Series David Week 3

  2. 1. How competitive are you? How does your level of competitiveness affect your relationships at work and with your friends and family?

  3. 2. Has anyone ever gotten even with you after you wronged him or her in some way? If so, what happened?


  5. 3. Read 1 Peter 3:9. Does the idea of blessing those who wrong you seem realistic? Why or why not?

  6. 4. Read 1 Samuel 25:14–42. Which character in this story do you most relate? Why?

  7. 5. Is there currently a relationship in which you are tempted to repay evil with evil?

  8. In the future, what story do you want to tell about this period of your life when it’s just a story to tell?

  9. 6. When you are wronged, what can you do to follow your heavenly Father’s example of returning good for evil? How can this group.


  11. Prays

  12. ?

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