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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series You're Not The Boss Of Me - Week 3 

  1. In what areas are you most inclined to be envious of others?

  2. What currently triggers the strongest feelings of envy for you? Is it social media, work, family, or

    something else? Explain.

  3. Are you competing internally with anyone (e.g., a parent, sibling, or friend)? How is that envy affecting you and your relationships?

    4. Read Ecclesiastes 4:4–8.

     • What stands out to you?

     • King Solomon writes that envy is like chasing after the wind. What are some ways this comparison is true?

     • How would you answer the questions that the person in verse 8 asks himself?

     - For whom am I toiling? (Who am I really trying to prove something to?)

     - Why am I depriving myself of enjoyment? (Why am I letting envy rob me of the satisfaction of what is       happening in my life?)

    5. In an effort to decrease envy, who is someone you can celebrate, congratulate, or thank? How could doing that help?


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