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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series When Pigs Fly Week 2- Miracles of Protection


  1. How has God been challenging your faith lately? 

  2. Have you ever experienced a miracle of protection? What happened? 

  3. Why do you think it’s sometimes hard to accept that God miraculously intervenes with protection? 

  4. What do you think some of our common misconceptions might be about God’s protection? 

  5. “Before you face a problem, God has a plan.” Share a story of how this has played out in your life. 

  6. What problems and pain are you currently experiencing? What are some ways God could be working them together for your good? 

  7. What are you currently praying for protection from? How can we pray with you about it? 

  8. Read Acts 16:22-26. What do you see in this story that you can start living out? What’s your first step? 

  9. Write down the miracle you’re asking God for on a piece of paper and exchange it with someone in your small group. Pray for each other all week.


Start praying. Be bold and pray with power. 

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