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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS for Sermon Series Why Worry - Blind Spots - Week 3

1.  Do you believe that faith and worry are opposites? Why or why Not.


2.  Read Genesis 12:1-3. Have you ever made a big decision for God with a great amount of uncertainty? Share your story


3.  Read Genesis 12:6-8. How has God shown his faithfulness to you in your life?


4.  The Canaanites still lived in the land God was giving to Abraham, how hard is it to trust in God when there are obstacles in the way? Explain.


5.  Read Genesis 12:11-13. After God had been faithful to Abraham, why do you think he would lie about his wife?


6.  Jon said in his message, "Worry leads to panic and panic leads to making mistakes." Is this statement accurate? Why? What is an example of this?


7.  What are some reasons or ways that worry causes blind spots in people's lives?


8.  What are some things that we can do to curtail worry in our lives?


How can we be praying for each other?

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