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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS for Sermon Series Why Worry Week 1


When life results in situations we have not intended, our natural tendency is to worry. Among other things, we worry about our finances, our relationships, and our health. Yet, does worrying add a single hour to our lives? In fact, the stress created by our anxiety may have actually taken a year or so off our life expectancies. There are numerous books written about worrying and stress free living. Interestingly, many of the insights suggested by modern authors come directly from the pages of Scripture.


  1. What do you worry about most these days? These things that you are worrying about . . . are they a good reflection on what you value most in life?


  2. How have you tried to manage your worrying in the past? Are there things that you tell yourself or practices that you exercise to alleviate your anxiety?


  3. Read Matthew 6:24. Do you agree with Jesus’ statements in this verse? How has this principle of you cannot serve two masters been reflected in your life?


  4. Read Matthew 6:25-34. Jesus’ words seem to make a lot of sense. Yet, why do people still end up worrying about their bodies and their clothes and other aspects of their lives?


  5. How might worrying reflect a lack of confidence in God?


  6. If the things you are most devoted to fuel the things you worry about the most, what does that tell you about what you are most devoted to? Does that devotion reflect the things that you really want to live


We can probably all agree that worrying is a waste of time. In fact, worrying can actually shorten your life. The challenge lies in placing our full confidence in God as we try to do all that we can do. When it comes to the things that we value most in life, our points of greatest devotion, we can choose to either worry or trust God. That isn’t always an easy choice. So as a reminder, find time each day this week to read Matthew 6:24-34.


Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

Matthew 6:27



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