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Sermon Series Week 1 What Would Jesus Undo?

Spiritual Pride

I’m indifferent when …

  1. I’m more concerned with impressing people than living for God.

  2. I’m obsessed with life on Earth rather than eternity.

  3. I rationalize sin and live without truly fearing God.

  4. I believe in Jesus, but I rarely share my faith.

  5. I only turn to God when I need Him.

  6. I’m not much different from the world.


Small Group Questions:

1. Talk about a time you were criticized. How did it feel?

2. Did you grow up in a more critical or encouraging home atmosphere?

3. Which cause of indifference do you most easily identify with—the illusion of self-sufficiency or the distractions of this world?

4, Read Mark 4:19. What stands out to you from this list? How do these things “choke the word”?

5. Which of the six “indifferent” spiritual challenges do you struggle with most?

6. Read Revelation 3:19. How do you feel when you read this? Is there anything you need to turn from? 

7. Read Revelation 3:20. What would it look like for you to open the door to God in an area where you’re mostly indifferent?

8. What is something you can do tomorrow that will require faith?

9. What will you do every day this week to destroy indifference in your life?


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