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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Things Jesus Never Said - Week 1

“You Don’t Need to Forgive Them"


  1. When you were younger, what did you and your siblings or friends fight over the most?

  2. What kind of behavior do you find the most annoying, online or in person?

  3. What grudges are you having difficulty letting go? 

  4. Why does the thought of forgiving others often provoke an emotional response? 

  5. Read Matthew 5:23-24. Why does forgiveness matter so much to God?

  6. How do you forgive something that seems unforgivable? 

  7. How can you encourage yourself to pray even when you don’t feel like praying? 

If you’ve been holding onto a grudge, spend time in prayer this week.  Ask God to free you from the bitterness you’ve been a prisoner to and to help you in seeking reconciliation. 



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