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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series - Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith Week 2 

It’s one thing to know a lot about weightlifting and another thing to actually lift weights. It’s one thing to know a lot about nutrition and another thing to eat healthy. Similarly, it’s one thing to know a lot about the Bible and another thing to actually live out what it teaches. That’s why the Christian life isn’t just about knowledge. It’s when our acts of faith intersect with God’s faithfulness that our faith grows. From Jesus’ parable of the wise and foolish builders, we discover that hearing and learning are not enough. The value is in the application, because, in the end, it’s obedience that makes all the difference.


The premise of this series is that there are five things God uses to grow our faith. How many of the five can you remember?

• Practical Teaching

• Providential Relationships

• Private Disciplines

• Personal Ministry

• Pivotal Circumstances

1. Did you grow up attending a church that emphasized application? If not, what was emphasized in your church? Doctrine? Sacraments? Attendance?


2. In the message for this session, Jon said that there is a time and a place for quiet reflection and stillness, but church isn’t that place. What do you think about that? Was the lack of quiet and stillness a barrier for you when you first attended church or is it now?


3. Read Matthew 7:24-28. This parable follows the Sermon on the Mount. Why do you think Jesus concluded his sermon with this parable?


4. What does this strong exhortation say about Jesus’ view of his own teaching?


5. What is the relationship between “. . . and puts them into practice” in verse 24 and “. . . had its foundation on the rock” in verse 25?


6. Have you ever applied a specific teaching of Scripture that, looking back, prepared you for an unexpected storm?



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