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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Emotions Part 1- Where is God when you Hurt?


  1. What one word would describe your current emotional state? 

  2. Do you think of yourself as an emotional person, or would you say you’re more logical?

  3. Have you ever gone through a time when you felt like God didn’t see you? What was that like?

  4. Does knowing that Jesus dealt with so many emotions change your perception of Him? If so, how?

  5. How can we remind ourselves that God is with us and loves us, even during tough times?

  6. Share a time when you realized that God had been with you during a difficult time, even if you didn’t see it in the moment. 

  7. What cares and concerns can you cast on Jesus this week?

  8. How can you reach across lines to love others this week? 

    Set aside some time this week to talk to God about the struggles you’re facing right now.


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