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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Parable - Week 5

1.  How has this series about the parables helped you?


2.  Read Matthew 25:14-30.  What stands out to you in this parable?


3.  What would you do with a bag of gold? Why?


4.  Have you ever been entrusted with something in order to make more money?Explain?


5.  What make someone a good and faithful servant of God?


6.  Who has been an example of this type of servant in your life ? Explain why?


7.  What do you think the reason was that the man buried the bag of gold?  


8.  When God calls someone to action, why do people sometime hesitate or don’t follow through?


9.  Do you think the owner’s response to the unfaithful servant was too harsh?  Why or why not?


10.  Do you think God rewards his people when they use everything that He has given them to love Him and love others?


11.  What are the types of resources God has left at your disposal?  How can you use those resources to serve God more Intentionally?


How can we pray for you?

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