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Small Group Questions for Sermon Series Keep The Change Week 1


Icebreaker: What is the best investment/purchase you have ever made? What is the worst investment/purchase you have ever made? 

1How do you feel when money becomes a topic of conversation, whether in church or elsewhere? What emotions or thoughts does it trigger for you?

2. The sermon mentioned that money has a significant influence on various aspects of our lives, such as our outlook, emotions, security, and relationships. Can you share an example of how money has influenced one of these aspects in your life?

3. The sermon emphasized the importance of understanding several premises, including the belief in God, the recognition of your own eternal value, and the understanding that nothing earthly has eternal value. How do these premises affect your perspective on money and its significance in your life?

4. The Bible passages mentioned in the sermon highlight the idea that God provides for us. How do you personally view God's role in your financial situation, and how does it impact your financial decisions?

5. The sermon encouraged us to make investments toward eternity and laid emphasis on laying up treasures in heaven. What actions or decisions can you take to align your financial choices with this idea?

6. The concept of contentment was discussed in the sermon. How do you practice contentment in your life, and do you find it challenging to be content with what you have?

7. The sermon warned against the love of money and personal debt. Are there any financial habits or temptations that you find challenging to overcome in these areas?

8. The sermon suggested planning for saving and investing. What are some practical ways you can plan to save and invest, and what are your financial goals in these areas?

9. Giving generously was emphasized in the sermon. How do you currently practice generosity with your resources, and how do you decide where to give?

10. The sermon concluded with the idea that change requires action. What specific actions or changes do you feel inspired to make in your financial life based on the sermon's message, and how can your small group support and encourage each other in making these changes?



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