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Small Group Questions for Sermon Rules for the Road

We all want to get the future right, and we all want to arrive safely at our intended destination. Follow these rules and you will reach your destination on time and on purpose.

  1. Don’t travel alone. Would you say the people you travel with take care of themselves?

  2. Don’t pick up strangers. Is anyone you’re traveling with making you less healthy? Making you doubt yourself? Dismissive of your values?

  3. Choose a destination and borrow a map. Would you say you know where you’re planning to go? If so, where?

  4. Pay attention to the signs. Are there any warning signs you’re ignoring? Any dangerous relationships or situations you need to steer away from? Read Proverbs 27:12. What stands out to you?

  5. Don’t carry unnecessary baggage. The people closest to you can tell if you’ve something unresolved. Would you be willing to ask them what baggage you seem to be carrying? Read Ephesians 4:31–32. What stands out to you? Which of the five rules do you need to follow most?


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