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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series I’m In - Week 3

1. Everyone has a story. Describe your faith journey. How was it that you were invited? How did you come to know Christ?

2. When you’re feeling tired, what’s your go-to method for finding rest?

3. When you came to faith in Christ, what did you experience or feel? Pick one word to describe what you experienced after you found faith in Christ.


4. Read Luke 7:37-39. What was it about Jesus that allowed the woman to approach Him so boldly? 

5. Read Matthew 11:28-29. How does the rest and acceptance Jesus offers differ from what the world offers?

6. Share about a time when you felt rejected by people. What are some ways you can find acceptance in Christ?

7. Talk about one person you’re praying for to come to Christ. Pray for those you know and love who don’t know Christ.

8. Have you accepted God’s invitation to be a part of His family? If not, prayerfully consider taking that step this week.


Extend Christ’s love and acceptance to someone in need of it this week.

Be bold and pray with power. Father, thank you for never making us feel left out or unwelcome. You love us and have invited us to be a part of your family for all time. Help us to embrace your acceptance and extend it to the people in our lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Pray for each other

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