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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series I’m In Week 4


1. What’s something you’re really invested in?


2. How do you feel about giving gifts? What’s more fun for you—giving gifts or receiving them?


3. Read Matthew 6:19. Talk about how you grew up. Did you have a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset?


4. Talk about a time when you had an abundance mindset and how you were able to bless someone else. How did you see God’s provision through your abundant mindset of generosity?

5. When we trust God with the tithe, He is faithful. How has your faith changed and grown since you started worshiping with the tithe? 


6. How have you seen God remain faithful as you’ve continued to give? 

Think about how God might want to use what He’s given you to bless others. For the next seven days, spend intentional time praying for God to reveal any areas where you can live with a more abundant mindset.


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