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Discussion Questions for Sermon Series Happy Trails - Week 4

1. So do you have much farming or ranching experience?  Explain

2. Read Psalm 23. What is your favorite part of this Psalm?  Why?

3. David wrote many songs from different perspectives.  Why do you think David chose to write from the perspective of a Shepherd?  Explain

4. How does it may you feel knowing that God is your Shepherd?

5. Read John 10:11-18. What similar concepts of Psalm 23 and what Jesus says in John 10 do you observe?

6. Do you think that Jesus has the authority to claim the right to our lives based on John 10 and His sacrifice for us?  Explain

7. David writes, “I shall not want.”  How important is contentment in relying on the care of the shepherd?  Explain

8. Philip Keller writes, “I am completely satisfied with His management of my life?”  What does it take to feel this way?


9. Jon shared, “A sheep will lie down when they are free from all fear, they are free from friction with other sheep, they are free from bugs and pests, and they are free from hunger.  Rate these in the order of what bothers you the most to least.  Explain your top two.

10. Read Isaiah 53:6. What do you think David meant when he wrote, "He restores my soul?”

11. Jon said, “When you put your faith and trust in the Good Shepherd, he is going to take you on new paths and new places.”  How has this happened to you?  Where has God taken you that you never expected to go?


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